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Skin79 BB cream

About Skin79

Skin79 carries a full range of top notch BB creams and blemish balms, shown below by collection: Skin79 Oriental (anti-aging), Skin 79 Diamond (great for oily skin), and Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm (best for multi-function whitening). A long time favorite in Asia, Skin79 products are some of the most reliable and high quality blemish balms. See below for the collections, a great sample kit, and review of the company with Skin79 swatches. Also see our FAQ page for lots of information on BB Creams in general. The products on this page are from YesStyle, which carries a good number of BB Cream brands and ships worldwide, making it one of the most reliable sources for many of the brands.

Skin79 is a Korean skin care company, known for quality formulations of all of their products,Particularly BB creams. They are a consistently good brand, with formulation addressing aging concerns (the Gold Collection), hyperpigmentation (the Super Collection), and brightening particularly suitable for oily skin (the Diamond Collection).

Skin79 seeks to embrace nature and science in order to ensure that their products are suitable for all skin types. Through research and innovation, the company seeks constant improvement to develop newer and better formulas. The Skin79 philosophy believes that time plays a vital role in skin renewal. Their “skin innovation by seventynine system” espouses the following key points:

365: For glowing skin all year-round, you must invest in the right products and consider the seasons and climates.
79 days: The time it takes for tired or damaged skin to recover and regenerate.
79 seconds: The time you only need to apply makeup, thanks to Skin79’s “multi” items.
7 am – 9 pm (“79 hours”): The average time you have makeup on your face.
79 minutes: The 79-minute investment you must make each day for proper makeup, cleansing and moisturizing.

Like most BB creams and blemish balms, Skin79’s products are lightly tinted. However, also like most of these products, the tint blends in well to match a wide range of skin shades, especially for anyone with medium or lighter skin. Thus, there is no need to get too particularly worried about shade matching.

Below are Skin79 swatches before blending taken in indoor light without flash. As you can see, some are lighter or more yellow than others when not blended. From left right: Super BB (VIP Gold), Super BB Plus (Hot Pink), BB Diamond Absolute, and Bb Diamond Pearl.

skin79 BB Cream swatch

Here is my arm after blending. As you can see, it all absorbs in. Skin looks more even, but not covered or “made up.”  I usually apply foundation over my BB cream.  The pearl did indeed leave a nicely luminous glow behind, although it doesn’t show as well as I would like in the photo. It is truly a lovely illuminating cream.

skin79 BB cream swatches

SKIN79 Oriental Collection

Best for Anti-Aging, Multi-Functionality. We like this line for dry skin, while we recommend the Diamond Collection for oily skin

Skin79 Oriental Gold

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream $28. Get the ultimate in multifunction! Oriental Gold includes a pretty pink rose lip and cheek color in the mirrored cap and a triple action blemish balm:Whitening / Wrinkle Improvement / UV Interception SPF 30 PA++  and Oriental Tea Newplex and Peptatox Complex  with Gold and Caviar Extracts and Oriental Sue Formula to maintain ideal skin condition.

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Skin 79 Oriental Moistu Sun BB Pact

Skin 79 Oriental Moisture Sun BB Pact

Skin79 Oriental BB Moist Sun Pact $31. This attractive and functional BB compact blocks UVA and UVB rays with SPF 25.  Skin looks bright and clean from the finely milled and and evenly coated powder. This one wears beautifully—The best of all the BB compacts we have seen!

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Buy Skin79 Oreintal Moist Sun BB Pact

Skin 79 Oriental BB Shining Pearl

Skin79 Oriental BB Shining Pearl

Skin 79 Oriental Shining Pearl BB Cream Plus $24. This pearl BB cream completes a 3D makeup look with shining pearl illumination.

It includes Oriental Tea Newplex and Mornings Seed Oil to soothe skin and has skin nutrition ingredients such as Gold and Caviar Extracts for protection.

A built in brush is included. This one pairs nicely with the BB compact.

skin 79 shining pearl

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Skin 79 BB Line Cover

Skin79 Oriental BB Line Cover

Skin 79 Oriental BB Line Cover Plus $17. This BB cream cover includes Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement.

Includes the same protective ingredients as the rest of the Oriental line, along with Sebum Control Powder to keep skin clean and matte.

skin 79 bb cream line cover

Buy Skin79 Oriental BB Line Cover

Skin79 Diamond Collection

Perfect for oily skin and for illumination

Skin79 Diamond Absolute BB Cream

Skin79 Diamond Absolute BB Cream

Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream $30. This triple acting BB cream whitens  while protecting skin from UVA and UVB rays with SPF 37. Light moisturizers keep skin hydrated  without clogging pores. Also included is Diamond Powder with Blooming Jewel Complex for a  luminous glow. This one has a special oil control formula that makes it particularly suitable for oily and combination skin..

skin 79 diamond absolute BB

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Skin79 Diamond Pearl BB Cream

Skin79 Diamond Crystal Pearl 3D Lighting BB Cream $26. This pearl BB cream has shining fine pearl, revising skin bright and radiant by offering luster to skin as well as Diamond Powder and Blooming Jewel Complex consisting of 5 jewels including, Amethyst and Ruby.

A truly luminous cream, it give the skin a three-dimensional appearance in accordance with light angles. This blurs fine lines and makes the skin look radiant. It is another of our top favorites.

Skin 79 Diamond Pearl 3d BB Cream

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Skin 79 Diamond UV Perfect Pact

Skin79 Diamond BB UV Perfect Pact

Skin79 Diamond UV Perfect BB Pact $30. Great for oily skin! A face compact enriched with Diamond powder, Jewel Complex, Powder of Ruby and Amethyst for a luminous glow. Finely milled powder blots oil,  keeping skin perfectly matte and fresh for hours. Powerful SPF 30 blocks out UVA and UVB rays. This pairs particularly will with Skin79 Diamond Absolute BB cream.

Skin79 Diamon Perfect BB Compact

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Skin79 Super Collection

Powerful whitening and brightening for hyperpigmentation, melasma, or aging and sun damaged skin

Skin79 Super BB Whitening Beblish Balm

Skin79 Super BB Whitening Beblesh Balm

Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Whitening VIP Gold $20. The ultimate in blemish balm, Super BB Cream provides three way protection and whitening. Adenosine and Arbutin whiten by treating hyperpigmentation and melasma,  while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Gold and caviar extracts nourish skin for a dewy and smooth finish. Natural UVA and UVB protection gives SPF 25 protection.

Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm

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skin 79 super plus bb beblesh balm

Skin79 Super Plus bb Beblesh Balm

Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm. A triple function blemish balm bb cream with SPF 25, that also whitens skin and reduces existing lines and wrinkles. The formula covers up skin imperfections, creating a perfect base for makeup and foundation. Skin keeps a matte finish all day long. Recommended for combination and oily skin types.

pink button

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Skin79 Samples

skin 79 BB Cream Blemish Balm samples

Skin79 BB Cream Sample Set

Skin79 BB Cream Miniature Set $17.  This four piece skin79 blemish balm set of handy travel sizes is a great way to test four products or makes for a great BB gift. The kit includes:

  • Super BB Cream (Hot Pink)
  • Diamond The Prestige (Absolute) BB
  • Cream Super BB Cream (VIP Gold)
  • Diamond Pearl BB Cream

skin79 bb cream minature kit

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